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Oastlers School Vision Statement for Sixth Form


To offer an inspirational education for all learners, developing their full academic potential and providing them with the skills and opportunities to achieve a full and active citizenship, employability, or access to Higher Education.


A learner’s understanding of society and their place within it, and how they can think, conduct themselves and express themselves, can be greatly enhanced through attendance at Sixth Form. We offer a diverse range of educational, social and cultural experiences including the study of additional but vital life skills, and ensure all learners are included and are actively encouraged to take part.

We guide all learners very carefully through their transition to become confident adults and offer them a choice of pathways to encourage them to seek meaningful employment, attend college or university or take up apprenticeships. They continue to build on their curriculum knowledge and can also specialise in their preferred subjects or take additional qualifications. Learners will complete qualifications in Employability, Personal Social Development, Certificate in Personal Effectiveness and will be provided an opportunity to select a pathway of their own by choosing a short course which reflects their own personalised learning alongside developing their English and Maths supported by an Assertive Mentoring Programme. They will also be encouraged to work on their leadership qualities by engaging in a Peer Mentoring Scheme.

We take an experiential approach through where learners engage in studies and experiences which supports their appreciation through reflection, experimentation and learning which allows them to broaden their social experience. Collaboration, communication, consideration and celebration of others are skills that are at the heart of our sixth form provision. With a focus on providing them with a range of qualifications and opportunities allowing them to reach their full potential.


Research shows that learning important functional life skills can enable learners to excel in other subjects and enhance skills that they inevitably use in other areas. This is why, here at Oastlers School, we ensure that all learners access a rich variety of activities and experiences no matter what their prior knowledge of any subject is.

Not only does a sixth form education allow young people to develop their knowledge of life and corresponding skills and abilities, it also gives them the opportunity to work on their maths skills, reading and writing skills, communication skills, self-awareness and employability. For example, studying graphs that represent social trends can be an excellent way to incorporate decimals and fractions, and writing campaign letters can allow learners to work on their reading, writing and persuasive abilities. All learners expand their general vocabulary, improve their problem solving abilities, and their ability to explain and theorise through interpreting and understanding society and considering the essential duties and responsibilities of its citizens.

Engagement with peers, professionals and teachers in sixth form can be an excellent way to relieve stress in a nurturing environment, which is significant for learners who may feel overwhelmed.  Sixth form education can reduce burnout and improve self-confidence. At Oastlers School, we never forget that most learners really enjoy participating in structured activities and experiences and becoming immersed in engaging lessons. This is not the most important reason why sixth form can lead to stability or may be therapeutic, but it is certainly the icing on the cake.

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