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Oastlers School Vision Statement for Reflection Room


Our Reflection Room offers a safe space to learners who have disengaged from the school community or find themselves in a crisis situation, to support them to improve their attitudes to learning, their behaviour and their ability to learn.


Our Reflection Room helps learners to understand that there are consequences to their negative behaviours and actions. Which are not beneficial or conducive to gaining exam results.

Providing a safe space for learners who are disrupting the good order of the school environment, to reflect and make good in a positive way.

Following referral to Reflection Room, learners enter into the ‘Cycle of Repair’. Initially they will think in a quiet space about their actions, consider how it has affected self and others and the consequences of those choices.

Following a period of reflection the behaviour team will consider whether the learner has completed the ’Cycle of Repair’ or requires any further reflective work with the schools counsellor in the Sanctuary.

While in the Reflection Room learners are provided with a quiet space to complete work from class and also provides them an opportunity to improve their reading and literacy skills.

Procedures are in place to ensure that appropriate support is provided for learners, and that following an incident learner relationships are rebuilt and repaired to ensure that a positive learning environment is maintained. This is the basic principle of the Reflection Room.

Incidents will happen in any school setting and ours is no different. The purpose of our Reflection Room has is to reduce the severity and frequency of incidents and empower learners to self-reflect on those actions.


The impact of the Reflection Room is to reduce referrals and improve learner engagement in the school environment. It is a safe space for learners to self-express any negative emotions in a controlled and dignified manner.

Many learners arrive in the reflection room with dysregulated emotions that is not conducive to learning. Following a period of reflection, in a calm and purposeful environment, learners leave Reflection Room ready to re-join the school community and engage in learning.

As a positive alternative to exclusion, the Reflection Room experience maintains a belonging to the school community and a platform on which to repair fractured relationships in a safe and dignified manner.

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