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Oastlers School Vision Statement for Science


The intent of the science department is to provide all learners a deep understanding through experiential learning, of what is happening in the world around them.  We intend to provide our learners a guide to the 21st century world where science is at a very interesting stage. By developing the curriculum to the needs of the learners, as well as the needs of future employers, we hope to inspire the young minds of today.  As leaders in science we need to make sure that we stay abreast of changes and that we ensure the content delivered is both relevant and up to date with current industry standards.  At Oastlers, science matters. That is why we have followed the most inclusive GCSE (9–1) courses, so every learner can enjoy science and succeed in their studies.


Science is a very practical and tactile subject, scientific enquiry is achieved through practical investigations, experiential learning, visits and discussions in the classroom.  All that the learners see, feel and hear will embed the notion that science is everywhere and impacts on all aspects of their lives and those around them.  At Oastlers we follow EDEXCEL’s Science award covering biology, chemistry and physics GCSE’s (9-1).  The specifications are designed to help bring science learning to life.  Literacy skills are key for all learners allowing them access to science ensuring a greater understanding of its complex vocabulary.  Time is spent understanding not just the science of what they are doing, but also the language they need to be able to access it.  Key words and exam questions are broken down and looked at in detail, allowing learners to be fluent in the language of science.   Topics range from ecosystems to genetics in biology and atoms to the Earth in chemistry and radiation in physics.  Science has links in many areas of the curriculum, as a consequence, we plan regular STEM sessions to allow us to link different curriculum subjects together, allowing us to cover current topics.  This provides the learners with a greater understanding of the world around them, allowing them to see the bigger picture.


The impact of a flexible, modern and adaptive science department prepares all learners to leave Oastlers with grades that are competitive in the market place – putting our learners in the driving seat when it comes to choosing a future career.  No learner will leave Oastlers without a qualification in the science that they are proud of.  The flexible approach to science at Oastlers invites young scientific enquirers to be open to new ideas and utilise their knowledge in the wider world, not just in a science lab, but in all aspects of their lives in the future.  Science at Oastlers provides learners with a platform to exciting post 16 destinations.

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