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Oastlers PSHE and Citizenship Department


Oastlers School meets its statutory duties for PSHE (September 2014) through the delivery of a balanced and broad based curriculum that allows learners to develop spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness.


The school delivers PSHE lessons as a discrete strand of weekly lessons all years, including the statutory units of SRE (sex and relationship education) and Drugs Education. Learners access Drugs Education and advice through access to a specialist external provider, thus ensuring that content is relevant and current for each year group across the school.

Personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) and Citizenship


At key stage 4 (years 9, 10 and 11) learners experience discrete lessons of both PSHE and Citizenship, which creates additional opportunities for them to develop skills that prepare them for the challenges, demands and responsibilities of adult life, including an awareness of financial planning and budget management.


All learners in the school access opportunities to develop their understanding of diet and a healthy lifestyle through PSHE, with additional content delivered through Physical Education and Food Technology.


Learners participating in the Oastlers curriculum have daily opportunities to develop their understanding of risk, and to develop strategies to manage this. They are supported in recognising inappropriate and risk taking behaviours, and the possibility of exploitation, including through use of the internet and social media. Both the PSHE and Citizenship strands of our curriculum support the school's commitment to safeguard its learners.

PSHE and Citizenship

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