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The English department offers a challenging but highly enjoyable curriculum within the school.  Numerous English-based competitions and activities are held throughout the year such as poetry and story-writing competitions, Year Book Day and World Book Day events to name but a few!  Additionally, learners are offered many enrichment opportunities, for example, author visits and trips to the theatre as just two examples of extended work we do in English.


At KS3, learners study media, prose, poetry and drama texts. Texts are selected by staff that will help learners towards success and that appeal to individual interests in order to encourage them and prepare them for GCSE exams in at KS4.


At KS4 learners develop the skills they have acquired in earlier years and begin to apply these to GCSE exam questions in preparation for their final exams.


The department has the benefit of additional support from our Literacy & Numeracy Workshop for those who need that extra support to help them catch up on basics. The more able learners are offered additional learning opportunities to help them progress in English more rapidly.


Our ‘Drop Everything And Read’ (DEAR) time takes place every morning so that reading for pleasure is actively encouraged as we understand all too well that the issue of reading and comprehension is vital for success in GCSE exams and, just as importantly, as a life skill beyond school.


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