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With the increased threat of offenders using online live streaming platforms there is a need to educate children about the associated risks.


Relevant agency links and information

(BCST) Bradford Community Support Team - Online Radicalisation:



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Are you worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with you?


If you work in a school or college and are concerned about what to do with peer to peer sharing of sexual images or videos you can refer to the:



The following link highlight the importance of parents and carers talking openly to their children about being safe online:



Oastlers School Award for online safety:


Strip Fortnite

Posted: 21 November 2018


Risks and concerns around children playing the online game Fortnite, which has a 12 rating but is played by much younger children.


There is an emerging trend, where people are playing strip Fortnite using webcams. The rule is that when you achieve a “kill” you have to strip off, potentially adding an additional risk from children being exposed to and/or sharing indecent images whilst playing the game.


Please could you share this information with parents and colleagues and remind them that any inappropriate/unlawful contact with children online needs to be reported to the CSE Hub Advice Line on 01274 435049

Momo Challenge

Posted: 31 September 2018


You have probably heard about the Momo Challenge through traditional media and social media in recent weeks.


The challenge has often been reported as the Momo Suicide Challenge alleging that children and young people are contacted by a mysterious character called Momo and have to participate in several online challenges with the last challenge being to commit suicide. It is reported that if they fail to complete the challenges they are threatened and receive abusive communication from Momo including phone calls.


To read more, please follow this external link…




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