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“We want to make a positive difference to the behaviours and the emotional and social needs of the learners entrusted to our care...”
Oastlers School Vision Statement
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Oastlers School has high expectations for every child, regardless of their background.  Everything we do is in the best interest of our learners, first and foremost.  The curriculum offer at Oastlers School is the vehicle by which our learners gain knowledge, the substance of education.  We know that knowledge empowers!  This then, is the very essence of our purpose, of our learning journey.


We are committed to ‘getting it right’ and recognise that with the valuable support of our parents, carers and supportive professionals we can be confident that our curriculum is indeed an exciting and meaningful journey.  Our learners, their parents and carers are at the very heart of what we do.


Learners will be provided with curriculum that is progressive, securing knowledge and skills that begins as soon as they enter the school.  Our primary, thematic model that all our younger learners experience, importantly narrowing gaps, prepares our learners well for the more complex study of GCSE in Y10 and beyond.  We provide this model to ensure learners acquire fundamental basics in order for them to progress and achieve.


Our ‘Progression Model’ outlines the approach we adopt in school to ensure all our learners enjoy an aspirational, supportive and positive learning experience that will prepare them for the future.


Oastlers Progression Model


All our teachers have jointly planned the curriculum to ensure it is logically sequenced to support the development of deep knowledge.  What this means is that subjects will have strong curricular links that support continued reinforcement of the new skills and information children receive in all the different parts of the curriculum.  We understand that children strengthen their understanding of the world they live in if it is ‘joined up’ and ‘connected’ and explained in a manner that is understandable to enquiring minds.  We achieve this by rigorously pursuing high quality learning experiences, in the classroom and outside the classroom, that build on a child’s previous experiences.

Children learn from repeated activities that help knowledge to become long term memories.  This requires repeated visits to concepts and vocabulary through reading that not only supports greater comprehension but also increases word mastery.  Consequently, our focus is on reading and reading activities.


The learning journey at Oastlers is designed to guide learners through a seamless and progressive journey that results in well informed, well rounded young people who are able to secure a positive future for themselves.

How will we know we have been successful?

We will know when our learners leave us with the necessary skills, techniques and knowledge that they are able to apply to situations that are both familiar and unfamiliar, successfully navigating themselves into a professional workplace, further education or training.

We are committed to the currency of GCSE outcomes at Level 1 and Level 2 that in turn provides a platform for a lifetime of continuous discovery.  We know that our planned learning journey has been successful when all our learners complete study with quality, accredited, outcomes that can be built upon.  Education is not merely about examination outcomes, it is about developing confident, assured citizens who contribute positively into the social, emotional and economic well-being of self, family and community.

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