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Oastlers School Vision Statement for Citizenship


Citizenship Studies curriculum aligns with a number of key elements of the schools strategic planning process. For our learners it is vital they are supported on their journey to help them become informed and responsible citizens.


Our aim is to ensure that curriculum choice in this subject matches their mainstream counterparts. It is vital that our engagement in the classroom not only covers the core components of the syllabus but also helps build contextual layers from a foundation level for our learners whose own experiences have significant gaps. In addition, a further aim is to broaden their knowledge of the society they live in whilst encouraging them to have the confidence to challenge viewpoints and the narrative of their own environment.


The AQA syllabus and nature of citizenship provides opportunities to introduce key vocabulary. Our intent is to build learners communication skills by increasing not only their vocabulary but also their ability to develop well balanced arguments. Cross curricular links include the opportunity to develop speaking and listening skills to support their work in English, whilst the development of key themes will be dovetailed with experiential learning.


Our offer uses the AQA framework:

  • Life in Modern Britain
  • Rights & Responsibilities
  • Politics & Participation

These will be augmented by the use of debates & discussion, we will seek to challenge some embedded misconceptions and use visits to build a wider knowledge of the legal system and democracy to help our learners understand where political power resides and how government is devolved to a local level.

The use of primary sources to help reinforce the principles and values in British society will include engagement with local businesses, talks by individuals and utilisation of our own safer school’s police officer.


The impact will be measured in a number of ways, including the number of successful GCSE outcomes, softer skills such as increased self-esteem and confidence and a wider understanding of society. Introducing learners to positive role models will help challenge attitudes and behaviours encouraging learners to make a difference in modern British society.

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