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Oastlers School Vision Statement for Churchill


Churchill offers a bespoke learning package that is designed to re-engage learners that have suffered significant trauma or loss which subsequently results in them presenting in a dysregulated state. We provide a highly differentiated curriculum for each learner; tailored to meet their individual needs. Churchill focuses on literacy and numeracy both in terms of qualification outcomes and equally important life skills.  Churchill provides experiential hands on learning through a topic based approach, incorporating different learning styles across core and foundation subjects. In doing this, it allows us to make strong “cross curricular” links.


Churchill is supported by skilled staff, including an attachment specialist, with an offer for up to eight young people. The classroom is designed to be a “safe space.” Churchill provides a curriculum that is fit for purpose to meet the unique needs of its learners. Churchill creates a setting that promotes preparedness for learning. It does this by providing a relationship rich and nurturing environment.

Experiential learning enhances the learning journey in order to deepen knowledge and life skills. We use a kinesthetic learning style as learners within the group respond well to whole-body movement to process new and difficult information. Through providing experiences in this way, we witness deep learning taking place.

Churchill staff support learners to manage their experiences of trauma and loss by helping them develop their own emotional literacy. We do this by providing a number of different therapeutic approaches and techniques, such as sensory breaks and co-regulating. By co-regulating we are teaching learners how to emotionally regulate themselves. We teach learners use co-regulation strategies at school in order for them to apply the strategies at home, when they are experiencing heightened emotions. Therapies available for learners include; re-bound therapy, art therapy, music therapy, counselling, and theraplay. We also employ the use of P.A.C.E techniques (Play, Acceptance, Curiosity, Empathy) in our working practice.


By providing an environment and structure that enables learners to have the opportunity to emotionally regulate, learners are settled and ready to learn. Further, Churchill also provides learners with the skills and strategies to be able to self-regulate in order to reduce crisis situations. Previously disengaged learners understand the value of learning, school life and their overall education as a consequence of time spent in Churchill.  They are ready to re-engage. Value added benefits includes the development of social, emotional and life skills. By achieving this, learners are able to manage their emotional dysregulation and successfully integrate back in to the wider community.

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