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Through Art and Design we learn to explore ideas and experiment with materials.  We examine ideas and learn to think and develop through thoughts, feelings and processes expressed in unique ways.


Through Art and Design we learn to understand the design process, develop creative skills and gain the professional attributes required to gain work.

Using exciting and diverse projects we develop creative skills such as being able to think on paper or our observational skills.


We have the opportunity to experiment using different media and techniques.  We are able to engage with different types of artwork and artists and develop our reflective and critical skills.


Learners will have the opportunity to work with 2D, 3D, ICT packages, Textile, Graffiti, Art and much more.  Learners will develop their own sketch books and portfolios; get a chance to enhance their teamwork and communication skills as well as developing many other cross-curricular links with subjects such as Literacy, Maths, Science and D.T.


We will study projects based on illustration, product design, sculpture, pattern, portraits, graffiti, art, still life and many more.  We will be offering Level 1/2 Qualifications in Art and Design, through NCFE (V Certs) assessed through a variety of different flexible disciplines which involves teacher observation, appraisal and review and live performance.




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