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Self-Evaluation Headlines January 2023

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Quality of education, including sixth form


Ofsted Judged



‘‘Achievement is outstanding because of a stimulating curriculum carefully designed to meet individual need’  – Ofsted 2023


  • 100% GCSE passes at L1 and L2 in summer 2022. All gained English, maths and science GCSE outcomes.
  • Y12/13 gained gained additional GCSE outcomes and re-sit passes.
  • 108 subjects at GCSE passed.  7 BTEC & other L1 and L2 passes in vocational subjects.
  • Pupils meet industry professionals and local business about work.
  • Highly developed sixth form offer.
  • Strong links with local colleges and FE providers.
  • Strong PSHE and RSHE curriculum.


‘Leaders leave no stone unturned to ensure pupils achieve well’ - Ofsted 2023


Teaching, Learning & Assessment



Ofsted Judged



‘The curriculum is strong.  Teachers are knowledgeable so pupils learn well’  – Ofsted 2023


  • Positive learning culture with well-formed relationships between teachers and learners.
  • Lessons are well planned and differentiated to meet individual learner need.
  • Teachers have high expectations and aspirations for all learners.
  • The climate for learning is excellent.
  • The school promotes a culture of self-reflection and high quality continued professional development.
  • Excellent relationships. between learners and staff.
  • Parent/Carer feedback surveys with high satisfaction 2023.
  • Reading is taught consistently well.


‘Leaners attitudes to learning and their behaviour is outstanding’ - Ofsted 2023


Behaviour, attitudes & personal development



Ofsted Judged



‘Behaviour and attitudes are exceptional’  – Ofsted 2023


  • The school’s multi-agency relationships are its strength.
  • The school’s responsibility to child protection is a priority
  • Learner voice is valued and encouraged.
  • The school has clear pathways for learners to share views and discuss concerns and any worries.
  • Learner survey highly satisfactory.
  • School is an accredited Trauma Informed School UK.
  • Attendance is excellent at 94%.
  • Talking, relaxation and physical therapies and parent/carer support available on site.
  • Two qualified ‘Attachment Leads’ on site for advice, training and support.


’Safeguarding is prioritised with highly developed systems to keep pupils safe’ - Ofsted 2023


Leadership & Management


Ofsted Judged



‘Leaders have a very high expectations for pupils’  – Ofsted 2023


  • School leaders are highly ambitious, innovative and hold dear high expectations.
  • The school uses progress data, lesson observations, learning walks, work scrutiny and learner feedback to inform judgements and targets.
  • Senior leaders have a sound understanding of the school, learners and the direction of travel.
  • The senior leadership team have extensive experience of supporting children with emotional, social and mental health disturbance.
  • Senior leaders challenge barriers to learning and seek innovative ways to overcome obstacles to success.
  • Good range of CPD and training schedule in school.


‘Governors know the school very well.  They have a deep understanding of all aspects of the school’s work’ - Ofsted 2023’


Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural (SMSC)



‘Personal development is a strength of the school’  – Ofsted 2023


The school offers extensive opportunities to develop citizenship, exploring rights and responsibilities and what makes a ‘good citizen’.


  • School Council;
  • Restorative Justice;
  • Thematic Days/STEM;
  • Guests/Visitors;
  • ‘British Values’ ;
  • Citizenship/RE ;
  • Trips and visits;
  • Fund raising;
  • Social Enterprise;
  • Daily assemblies;
  • Weekly celebrations;
  • Therapeutic Offer;
  • Learner reviews;
  • Work experience;
  • ‘Trustie’ scheme;
  • Active music department;
  • Music recitals;
  • Extensive sport;
  • Outdoor education;
  • Residential ;
  • Swimming;
  • Clubs and activities & much more!



‘Pupils SMSC development is exceptionally well supported’ -  Ofsted 2023


Oastlers is a ‘OUTSTANDING’ School – Ofsted January 2023


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Head Teacher: Lyndsey Brown

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