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Mission Statement

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Our Mission Statement

This school will lay the foundations for life by offering a positive, rich learning journey for our school community. It will be characterised by high standards in literacy and numeracy offering a rich, broad and balanced curriculum leading to GCSE or similar outcomes.

Our Year 7s are offered a broad and varied curriculum, underpinned by Opening Minds Competencies. This will enable learners to become independent, critical thinkers.  During Year 7 learners will access to specialist subject areas.

When they enter year 8 and beyond learners will follow a typical mainstream equivalent time table.

Our Post 16 Study Programmes provide support for sixth form learners moving towards further education, training or employment.

This will be carried out in a happy, safe, secure and supportive atmosphere.

Oastlers is fully inclusive school where all will be treated equally and given equality of opportunity regardless of gender, special needs, disability or race.

To achieve this we will:

  • ¨Be committed to the holistic development of every individual in the school community;
  • Support the development of skills to ensure all our learners can access knowledge, promoting the notion of a continuous learning  journey;
  • Unconditionally value every one, respecting their dignity  irrespective of individual difficulties;
  • ¨Nurture individual strengths;
  • ¨Promote an ethos of high expectations;
  • Offer a curriculum that is fit for purpose, that is challenging and accessible to all;
  • Equip every learner with the skills for life;
  • Provide a safe and stimulating learning environment;
  • ¨Adopt a ‘can do’ attitude towards learning;
  • Secure collaboration with partners that will support the needs of every individual;
  • Develop a learner centred approach to learners, enabling them to  overcome any barriers;
  • Develop a school that is respectful of all cultures  where everyone is valued equally.


Oastlers School:

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Head Teacher: Lyndsey Brown


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