Accessibility Policy (pdf)

Anti Bullying Policy (pdf)

Appraisal and Performance Management Policy (pdf)

Assessment for Learning Policy (pdf)

Assessment, record keeping & reporting Policy (pdf)

Asthma Policy (pdf)

Attendance Policy and Practice (pdf)

Behaviour and Discipline Policy (pdf)

Capability Policy (pdf)

Care and Control Policy  (Pdf)

Charging and Remissions Policy (pdf)

Complaints & Grievence Policy for School Staff (pdf)

Complaints Procedure Policy (pdf)

Complaints Procedure Flow Chart (pdf)

Confidentiality Policy (pdf)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy (pdf)

Creative Learning Policy (pdf)

Critical Incident Policy (pdf)

Curriculum Leadership Policy (pdf)

Curriculum Policy (pdf)

Data Protection Policy (pdf)

Detention Policy (pdf)

Disability Policy (pdf)

Disciplinary Policy (pdf)

Display Policy (pdf)

Equity and Diversity Policy (pdf)

Esafety  and ICT Acceptable Use Policy (pdf)

Finance Policy (pdf)

Fire and Emergency Evacuation Policy (pdf)

First Aid Policy (pdf)

Freedom of Information Policy (pdf)

Gender Policy (pdf)

Governing Body (Monitoring the School) Policy (pdf)

Health and Safety Policy (pdf)

Health eating - Drinking Policy (pdf)

Homework Policy (pdf)

ICT Acceptable Use Policy - Learner (pdf)

ICT Acceptable Use Policy - Staff (pdf)

ICT Across the curriculum Policy (pdf)

Inclusion Policy (pdf)

Induction Policy (pdf)

Ladder Policy (pdf)

Learner Management & Care Policy (pdf)

Leave of Absence Policy (pdf)

Literacy Across The Curriculum (pdf)

Marking Policy (pdf)

Medicines Policy (pdf)

Missing Child Policy (pdf)

Monitoring Teaching and Learning Policy (pdf)

Music Policy (pdf)

Numeracy across the Curriculum (pdf)

Parent/carer Partnership Policy (pdf)

Parental Involvement Policy (pdf)

Pay Policy (pdf)

Positive Behaviour & Discipline Policy (pdf)

Positive Handling Policy (pdf)

Race and Equality Policy (pdf)

Raising Concerns (Whistle blowing) Policy (pdf)

RE Policy (pdf)

Records Management Policy (pdf)

Risk Assessment Policy (pdf)

Safe Touch Policy (pdf)

Safeguarding Including Code of Conduct Policy (pdf)

Safer Recruitment & Selection Policy (pdf)

School Development Planning Policy (pdf)

School Self Evaluation Policy (pdf)

School Uniform Policy (pdf)

School Visit Policy (pdf)

SEN and Oastlers Local Offer (pdf)

Sex and Relationship Policy (pdf)

Special Educational Need (SEN) Policy (pdf)

Sustainable Development Policy (pdf)

Target Setting Policy (pdf)

Teachers' Lesson Planning Policy (pdf)

Teaching and Learning Policy (pdf)

Teaching Assistants Deployment Policy (pdf)

Threshold of Need Matrix (pdf)

Whistle Blowing Policy (pdf)